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Monday, March 13th, 2006

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Bondage: Tales of Obsession
I recently received my contributor's copy of Bondage: Tales of Obsession (Sam's Dot Publishing). 

Cover ArtMy poem "Phantasia!" is included.

Here is the publisher's blurb on Bondage (followed by the TOC):

With seven original tales and eleven all-new poems, including at least one that is sure to be banned in Orlando, Anaheim, and Paris, and illustrated by Marge B. Simon and Marcia A. Borell, BONDAGE: Tales Of Obsession will take you to worlds of the unanticipated, the compulsive, and the perverse, both in this Universe and in your mind. Housed inside a cover designed in the classic sense by Bruce Boston, this trade paperback is sure to be talked about for decades to come.
US and Canadian orders:$13.50 + $2.00 S&H OUR PRICE: $12.85 + $2.00 S&H



The Acculturate - Trent Roman
Ties That Bind - JE Gurley
Broken Man - Michael Greenhut
Isolation - Michelle Scott
The Bride - Gary Madden
Red Rain - Mark Anthony Brennan
Sentimental - Tyree Campbell (editor)


The Kenning Glass - Jennifer Crow
Neighbors - Marge B. Simon
drunk with life - Terrie Relf & s.c. virtes
Forever Lost - Cathy Buburuz
Beautiful Machines - Bruce Boston
Discipline - Ilona Hegedus
Take the Cold Horror - Bruce Boston
Melissa - James S. Dorr
Phantasia! - Stephen M. Wilson
GPS Pepys and the Postnuclear Pigeons - Greg Beatty
Tattoo - Cythera
What Knots May Come - Jennifer Crow

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