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Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

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Writing Links
I decided to post some links to my various writings. I'm still a newbie writer, so the list is not that long, yet. Enjoy.

Stuff available for free on the web
1 poem:

6 poems:

1 poem & 1 flash fiction:

Short story:

Short story:

Interview with Ellen Datlow:

Available for purchase

Anniversary Issue
(Poem co-written with Roger E. Naylor & Haiku):

Bondage: Tales of Obsession (Poem):

Shadow Box (Flash Fiction):

Fantasy Readers Wanted - Apply Within (Short Story):
Sam's Dot Publishing's 2006 Calendar (Flash Fiction):
The 2006 Rhysling Award Anthology (2 Poems):

Enchanted Realms: The Vampires of Tinadriel & Other Tales (Short Story):

Wicked Karnival

 WK #7
"Spotlight Author" (includes interview & short story):

WK #4 "Monster Mayhem"
Short Story (1st place winner in "Killer Kritique Fiction Contest") & Poem:
WK #5 "Twisted Fairytales"
2 Poems (one of them nominated for The Rhysling Award):

WK #6 "Christmas Carnage"
Print version of Ellen Datlow Interview:
WK Special Edition "Halloween Horrors"
Poem (nominated for The Rhysling Award):
I didn't know this link existed until today:

IMDB for my role in Omega Cop:



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