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Sunday, October 1st, 2006

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October poetry

My friend Roger E. Naylor is publishing a small themed broadside/zine. The Fig Leaf Monthly debuted in September 2006 and is published in print format. Each month it comprises of one poem penned by Roger and one poem by another local writer here in Central California.


Roger asked me to be the guest poet for the month of October and since this issue has a Halloween theme I asked permission to post both poems here to reach a larger audience. Hope you enjoy.



With best wishes,



Crane’s Eye/ by Stephen M. Wilson


In memoriam to Janet Leigh 1927-2004


It’s October, Halloween is just around the corner

and I watch the cranes as they return for winter.

As I sit to write, I reminisce of a Halloween past

and another Crane.

I was 13  when I first saw Psycho

& you, Ms. Leigh, with your famous eye, the queen

of that silver screen


But before Hollywood lunches with Hitchcock & Welles & Mayer & Frankenheimer

you reigned the Central Valley from Jewel Court


Once upon a time you probably strolled the same avenues I now walk

baked under the same Indian summer sun breathed the same smog


You may have even learned of Thantos & Eros, like myself, in the halls of 
Haggin Museum gazing with excited dread upon the mummy, Iret-net Hor-irw or 
casting covert glances at Bouguereau’s The Nymphaeum


I wonder, Jeanette, did you too watch the cranes?


Sixty years ago a photograph

                was your salvation

Then, two years ago, you took

your final migration north


As I watch the cranes, I realize that October will always bring you to mind,
and I wonder, will the pen someday be my own salvation?



Honolulu Halloween/ by REN


Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound

Honolulu, was it 1964 ? Trick-0r-Treat

My first memory, states-side elephant ride

My second memory, Easter egg hunt siren

My third memory, beach ball holiday terror

My fourth memory, this Bradburyesque day

In California, 1965, Dad, I learned my kindergarten name

Once then, on base, the bugle descent of a flag


Yogi, smarter than the average bear, my younger brother

Designated to play Russian Winter to my American Thaw

An elephant does not elevate to a necessarily moral height

Our first Halloween, our first masque, The Terror hinted

Our roles apothecary balance to neutralize a scorpion’s poison

Dad’s birthday was the cusp of Scorpio, but he never let on

That Halloween was his gift to himself, his boys’ joyful pursuit

Wisdoms of Hanna Barbara caricatures of Cold War “realities”


Dad and I on the beach somewhere around Oahu that summer

A beach ball tossed into the waves for the fun of it

My reaction of terror the ball would be sucked up by the waves

I would lose the ball to the caprice of the malicious ocean

I took the ball on a mad dash back up the cliff to our hotel

I locked myself in and despite Dad’s demands I refused to return

Later, the day spoiled, Dad angrily took a smoldering cigarette end

In front of Mom, Brother, and I, pierced my inflated punching clown

Life in America’s Outpost Paradise, wallow of hidden harrows



Fig Leaf Monthly

Oct. 2006




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