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Saturday, May 12th, 2012

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Call for subs - LGBT spec poetry

I'm guest editing the next issue of the SFPA's quarterly webzine Eye to the Telescope. Eye to the Telescope publishes speculative (SF/fantasy/horror) poetry and each issue has a different guest editor and a different theme. The theme this issue is speculative poetry with a LGBT theme.

For more details, here is what I have on the submission page of the site:

I am looking for LGBT as well as gender-neutral and intersexual themed speculative poems for Issue #5 of Eye to the Telescope. As this can be a touchy subject matter for some, I’m not interested in poetry that is either overtly didactic or—this should go without saying—that perpetuates stereotypes (and although sensual poetry is fine, pure erotica will be a hard sell). That said, I am open to dark humor and poetry that provokes (I’ll trust the poets to figure out the fine line between didactic and provocative and between sensual and erotic).

I would prefer that the LGBT aspect of the poetry be subtle and organic to the poem. As I'd love to highlight as diverse a variety of poetry possible, I’m open to everything from formal/classical forms (haiku, sonnets, etc.) to concrete, Dadaism, abstract, postmodernism, avant-garde, surrealism, bizzaro, or whatever else you have to offer, just as long as the poem is speculative (see definition below) and includes the LGBT theme in some way.

For complete guidelines visit Eye to the Telescope: http://eyetothetelescope.com/submit.html

Pay is .03 a word/$25 max. The deadline is June 15th.

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