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2006 In Review - 2007 Forecast

"Swallowed!" - Wicked Karnival #7
"Pombo Finds His Waterloo" - Connections
"Phantasia!" - Bondage: Tales of Obsession
bomb ku - - Scifaikuest 4th Anniversary Issue
"Atom's Apple" (w/Roger E. Naylor) - Scifaikuest 4th Anniversary Issue
"Crane's Eye" - Fig Leaf Monthly
"Icky, Lime Ricky" - Poet's Espresso
"Frost Bitten" - Dark Wisdom #10
"Uroboros" - Doorways Magazine #0
"Conqueror Worm" - Doorways Magazine #0
"The Plainfield Ghoul" - Doorways Magazine #0
"Silver Anniversary" - Fahrenheit
SFPA's 1st podcast (Halloween Poetry Reading)
"Crane's Eye"
Rhysling Award Nominations
"American Requiem"
"O is for October"
Dwarf Stars Award Nomination
haiku "Listen to the wind..."

John B. Baker Award Nomination
"Atom's Apple" (w/Roger E. Naylor)
Honorable Mention YBFH #19
"Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate" (f)
1 of 10 Finalist in The Harrow's Dark Fiction Contest
"Bodice Ripper" (anthology due in '07)
Publications accepted for 2007 (so far)
"Here There Be Tygers" (f) - Raw Meat
"Pele" (p) - Black Petals
"Apocalyptic Sonnet" (p) - Black Petals
"The Exiles" (p) - Black Petals
"What's in a Name?" (p) - Star*Line
"A Lookingglass, Darkly" (p) - Vintage Moon
"Das Marchen" (f) - The Vault of Punk Horror
"Virtual Pair: The Final Peril" (f) - Bleed My Heart Romantic
"Betty Rage" (f) - Punk Horror Podcast
"Love and the Principals of the Quantum Theory" (p) - MSP
3 ku - Sun, Shadow, Mountain
"Cupid" - (p) Fig Leaf Monthly
"Crime of Passion" & "Luck" - Poet's Espresso
"Clay and the Skimmer" - Hungur
I am also slated to be the 'Scifaijin' for Scifaikuest's 5th Anniversary Issue in Aug.

In 2006 I became Poetry Editor for the new paranormal/horror magazine, Doorways. The very first poet I will be publishing is Michael A. Arnzen (winner of 3 Stokers and an IHGA). Besides choosing (and interviewing) a featured poet for each issue of Doorways, I run a poetry contest (the winner of contest #1 is James S. Dorr). Doorways Magazine #1 is due for a Feb. release. I was also interviewed for Wicked Karnival #7 and started compiling/editing an exciting poetry anthology tentatively titled POEtry, which I hope to find a publisher for soon.

All in all not a bad year (when does the $ start pouring in)?

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