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Rhysling Awards and Doorways update

Just a quick post.

I have three poems from '06 nominated for the current Rhysling Award from the Science Fiction Poetry Association.

"Phantasia!" from Bondage Tales of Obsession (long)
"Frost Bitten" from Dark Wisdom #10 (short)
"Atom's Apple" written with Roger E. Naylor from Scifaikuest 4th Anniversary Issue (short)


The second Doorways Poetry Contest is over. The winning poem "Dali's Nightmare" was submitted by Terrie Leigh Relf. There were four honorable mentions submitted by Marge Simon, M. Frost, Duane Ackerson, and Christopher Danaher. The five poems will appear in Doorways Magazine #2 due out in May. The featured poet for this issue is SFPA President Deborah P Kolodji.

The feature spot in Doorways Magazine #3 will be filled by Bruce Boston and Marge Simon who I will be interviewing simultaneously.


The anthology Raw Meat should be available soon. It includes one of my first gay erotic horror stories "Here There Be Tygers."

That's all for now.


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