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Dwarf Stars Award anthology - 2008

Deborah P Kolodji and I are now in the process of compiling/editing the third Dwarf Stars Award anthology for the
Science Fiction Poetry Association. I have included the guidelines below. If you have any eligible poetry (10 lines or
less, speculative and first published in 2007) please send them to: dwarfstars@sfpoetry.com by Aug. 29, 2008.
Thank you.
With best wishes,
Stephen M. Wilson
Dwarf Stars is an edited anthology. We are trying to find the best short poetry of 10 lines or less published in 2007.

Send us your short (10 lines or less), speculative (science fiction, fantasy, horror, science and/or surreal) poems
from 2007 as well as recommend poems you've published or read and think are deserving. There is no limit to the
number of poems you can send. You do not need to be a member of the SFPA to send poems/recommendations.

Send poems to: dwarfstars@sfpoetry.com
We are trying to gather the largest pool of quality 2007 published 10-lines-or-less poems possible so we can select
poems that stand out and are reflective of 2007 in very short poetry. Poems can be from any print or on line venue
including single-author collections. 
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